At first, it was intermittent. You went into the room, flipped the light switch, and… nothing happened. So you flipped it off and back on, and the light turned on. You didn’t think much of it, so you just went on with your day. But then it started happening more, and finally today, it just won’t work. So here you are, googling “home electrical services,” hoping for help. 

Irksome electrical issues can be a huge pain to deal with. And between the fluctuating weather and aging architecture, Central Oregon homeowners are particularly susceptible to electric issues. Luckily, we’re here to help. Bright Services is the best choice for home electrical services because of our knowledgeable staff, superior customer service, and strict focus on residential assistance.  

Our Staff Is Well-Versed in All Home Electrical Services 

We started our business with one goal: to be Bend’s go-to home service provider. We knew that if we wanted to make that happen, we needed a team of highly-skilled professionals capable of problem-solving, installations, inspections, and more. So we set out to hire the best. 

Our team of expert technicians set the standard for superior service. They’re well-trained and knowledgeable from years of learning (and mentoring others) on the job. They’re also well versed in home electric safety measures and can quickly assess your home for potential issues. 

While we continue to grow our team, we remain confident that every electrician we send to help has the skills and knowledge needed to solve your electrical problems. 

We Set the Standard for Superior Customer Service

At Bright Services, every team member is dedicated to the 3 R’s: Reliability. Respect. Resilience. These pillars set the standard for our customer service and influence all our work. 

That means you can count on us to 

  • Complete projects on time and within budget
  • Respect your home and space the way we’d want technicians to in our home
  • Never give up on a problem, no matter how complicated it gets 

From beginning to end, we’re here to support you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Our team is bright, approachable, and ready to help.

We Strictly Focus on Home Electrical Services

Unlike other electricians in Bend, we choose to pass on commercial business. We started Bright Services specifically to serve Bend homeowners, and we know we couldn’t do that to the best of our ability if we were too busy working on new construction or commercial projects.  

Instead, we prefer to work specifically with homeowners, freeing up our time to serve the community with speed and efficiency. That means you won’t wait weeks for an electrician to address your home’s electrical problems. Instead, we’ll complete your home electrical services quickly so that you can get back to your life. 

Trust the Team Dedicated to Serving Central Oregon Homeowners

If lights go out or wiring goes wrong, it can disrupt your life in a big way. When that happens, you deserve a team of respectful, knowledgeable technicians who can quickly come to the rescue and make repairs with ease. At Bright Services, we’re committed to doing just that. 

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