There’s nothing worse than dealing with electric problems in your home. Whether you’re constantly tripping your breakers or dealing with irritating flickering lights and loose outlets, these problems can get in the way of your daily routine. And while the population in Bend continues to grow, one thing has continued to be missing for many residents: a reliable Bend electrician focused solely on keeping homes safe and comfortable.

Luckily, our team of experienced electricians are here to provide reliable and affordable residential electrical support. At Bright Services, we offer a full range of services, including diagnostics, installations, inspections, and repairs to support Bend residents. 

Have An Electrical Problem? We Can Troubleshoot and Diagnose.

We get it, sometimes the first place you turn when you discover an electrical issue is YouTube. But troubleshooting electrical issues in your home by yourself can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and frustrating. Luckily, our team of experts can help you get to the bottom of complex issues in no time. 

Our electricians follow a simple five-step process to help identify and fix electrical issues. First, we inspect the space. After determining the problem, we work through a series of safe electrical tests to root out the cause of the issue. With this information, we can repair the issue quickly at the source. 

We may also recommend cost-effective upgrades that are more effective in the long term than simple patches or short-term repairs. We offer custom recommendations for panels, electrical circuits, wiring, exhaust fans, and more. 

Looking for Support with Inspections and Repairs? We’ve Got You Covered. 

There are many benefits to getting an inspection done on your home. Maybe you’re moving into a new space or renovating an old room, and you want to make sure everything is in good working order. Or, perhaps you’ve lived in your home for many years and have started to notice some worrying signs, like higher than average electric bills. 

No matter what your reasons may be, our team of Bend electricians are local experts who understand Oregon-specific regulations and challenges. We pay special attention to the details and can help identify potentially hazardous situations and areas for improvement. 

We leave no stone unturned so you can feel confident knowing you’re getting the best service and return on your investment. 

Need Help with Complex Installations? We’re Here For You.

Since we’re all spending more time indoors, many of our clients have decided to invest in home improvements. And, while it’s exciting to purchase new systems for your home, a poor installation job can put you and your family at risk. 

If you’ve recently purchased a new ceiling fan, lighting system, indoor appliance, or even something more extensive like a hot tub or RV, our electricians can help ensure you have a smooth installation process. 

Whatever Your Electric Needs May Be, A Bend Electrician from Bright Services Is Here to Help! 

At Bright Services, we’ve built our business on the 3 R’s: Reliability, Respect, and Resilience. We promise our clients timely and efficient service with exceptional support. When problems arise, you can trust the team at Bright Services. 

Learn more about our expert technicians and exceptional services or contact us to request service!